Thursday, November 30, 2006

Are you a PowerPoint User or Loser

I was reading one of my favorite "teacher" blogs,, and came across this post, PowerPoint Extreme Makeover. I hear so many educators say they hate PowerPoint but that they use it anyway. Okay, can't say I don't agree. Here's some help:

Dean Shareski has posted a great little PD [professional development] video in the K12 Education YouTube group on a few power-pointers that anyone who does presentations would find useful.
This is a short (20 minutes?) video that has some worthwhile advise on design and technique. If nothing else, it's a great review.

FYI - we offer several two hour courses on creating your own templates and master slides, as well as using animation and hyperlinks to make PPT more interactive. The spring schedule will be available shortly!

If you know of similar resources, please share.

Lee Anne

Monday, November 27, 2006

School Newspapers are Moving Online!

Here's an interesting article from eSchool News Online: As with so many of our other modes of communication, it looks like more and more schools are moving the publication of their newspaper online. It's quite inexpensive, according to the article, and shouldn't we be teaching kids to communicate in an online evironment anyway?

What does this mean for print journalism?

Just Askin'
Lee Anne