Friday, December 10, 2010


This article from Tech & Learning got me to thinkin'. (That is not so easy at this point in the semester.) .

The author, Daniel Rezac, discusses the issue of teachers "hogging" the interactive whiteboard in their classrooms. Students rarely get to touch them.

"Think of it: how often did teachers let students actually write on the chalk board? The overhead projector? The fact is, there's only one Interactive White Board per classroom, and there may be 25 or more students. There is never going to be enough time in one class period to let everyone have-at-it on the white board. Nobody ever heard of a 1-1 white board environment. That would be awfully expensive. Maybe we're going about this all wrong."

Rezac is not all talk. He actually offeres up some solutions for this "hogging" issue.

On the Eighth Floor, we are all about the integration of technology. It's what we do. I wonder if we are sometimes so focused on the teacher that we forget about the student. And by that I ALSO mean, I wonder if we are forgetting to let our Eighth Floor students "touch the board."  

Just thinkin'
Lee Anne


Unknown said...

Great comments and great article, Lee Anne. I agree that as teachers we hog the Interactive Whiteboard. Screencasts are a good solution to the hogging issue. One thing I used to do is spend 15-20 minutes introducing new material in a class, then I would follow up with time for the students to practice on the IWB. Creating short interactive supplemental lessons is pretty easy and it gives them a more meaningful experience than watching the teacher hog the board.

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Nice post.

Samantha Reid said...

Great Article, thanks for sharing... I try an let the "students" touch the board as much as possible while teaching the IWB classes, but when I'm in buildings, I just dont see the students up at the boards... In fact, one day I was in a building and a teacher had put a piece of red tape across the floor in front of her board and didnt allow her students to cross that line! Ahhh!!!!

I love the idea of a screen cast. That is one feature of the board I often speed bump over. I guess I will need to spend a little more time on it in the future.