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Welcome to The Eighth Floor

We are a technology and learning center for educators in Tulsa, OK.  The Eighth Floor is a consortium made up of almost 70  K-20 schools in eastern and middle Oklahoma. The largest number of our consortium members come from in and around the Tulsa area. 

Tulsa Community College and Tulsa Technology Center co-own and operate The Eighth Floor. 

What we do . . . 
We teach teachers, basically.  We have a fall, spring, and summer course schedule of classes in both the day, evening, and occassional Saturdays. Our classes focus on the integration of technology into the classroom.  Our courses are designed to foster both student learning and educator professional development. Because we believe everyone in a school contributes to student learning, our classes are open to the administrators and support staff along with the teachers at each of our consortium member schools. 

District Requests
In addition to classes held at The Eighth Floor, we travel to our consortium member sites to hold classes on request.  A District Request is an opportunity for you to schedule one of our existing classes specifically for a group from your institution.  If you come to The Eighth Floor to have the class, there is no charge.  If you would like us to come to you - and sometimes that is just easier for your folks - the is an additional charge.  Please contact Lee Anne for more information: lee.anne.morris@tulsacc.edu or call 918.828.5086. Classes based on space and instructor availability. 

 Areas of Focus 
  • Online Learning and Teaching
  • Web 2.0 Tools
  • Mobile Technology
  • Google Tools
  • Photoshop
  • Web Design
  • Microsoft/Productivity
  • Interactive Whiteboards (Smart and Promethean) 
Does everyone at your institution know what The Eighth Floor is, how it works, and why we are so awesome?  A RoadShow is a perfect opportunity for us to spend 10 - 30 minutes at your institution tell you exactly what we are about.  We are happy to pop in on teacher meetings, administrator meetings, or all school meetings. If you would like to schedule a RoadShow for your school or would just like more information, please contact Lee Anne at lee.anne.morris@tulsacc.edu or call 918.828.5086.. 

Our Full-Time Employees 

Scott Ertl
Technology Integrationist

Katy Hoppa
Support Specialist/person who makes everything happen


Linda Jones
Technology Integration

Lee Anne Morris
Assistant Professor/Coordinator
Technology Integration & Instructional Design


We, of course, have ten amazing part-time instructors and a p/t clerk that round out our crew and make all of this even possiblehttp://eighthfloor.org/contact.html

Contact Email:  theeighthfloor@gmail.com

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about this blog, our classes, or becoming a member of The Eighth Floor

Lee Anne

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