Monday, October 16, 2006

What About Blogs? - October 2006

Welcome to the Eighth Floor class, "What About Blogs."

We thought you might be interested in looking at a few of the blogs we find particularly relevant to education and technology integration.

There are thousands and thousands of blogs out there. You will find blogs on any topic from pet grooming to dissertation research. People of all ages are drawn to blogging as a form of social networking.

As a collaboration and communication tool, blogs are finding their place in education. Many teachers use them for professional.

Check out the following education/professional development focused blogs:
Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Teachers Teaching Teachers
Blog of Proximal Development
2 Cents Worth

Several teachers are using blogs in the classroom as a tool for collaboration and communication. They find that blogging results in much more authentic learning for students.

Check out the following education/classroom use blogs:
Mrs. Watts Second Grade Computer Classroom
SAS China
AP English Literature and Composition
English 12
Maybry - Classroom and Teacher blogs
Applied Science Research Blogs
Alan November - Examples in Education

Check out the following education/safety focused postings and articles:
MySpace Education
Change Agency

Blogging Tips and Tricks:
Blogs - Anatomy
Blogs for Learning
Evaluating Blogging
Blogging Best Practices

Being as this is a class about blogging, we think you ought to do a little, well, blogging. (Those of you reading this who are not enrolled in the class, please jump in!) We’d like you to share some of your thoughts or concerns about setting up and using blogs either professionally or in the classroom.
Here are some questions to get you started thinking:
- What do you want to know about blogs?
- What do you already know about blogs?
- How do you think you can use blogs?- How do you see others using blogs?
- What are you concerned about when it comes to blogs?
- What experiences (good or bad) have you already had with blogs?
- How important is digital literacy for our students?
- OR anything else you would like to blog about.


Come up with at least one idea for using or creating a blog - it doesn't even have to be "school" related, and post a comments. Share any other thoughts you might have.

Post comments by clicking on the “comments” hyperlink at the bottom of this posting. You can contribute as “other.” Be sure to include your name somewhere. Read others’ comments and feel free to comment on their comments.

Lee Anne


Lee Anne said...

My thoughts

Terri said...

I'm excited to learn more about blogs and how to incorporate them into my second grade classroom.

Sue Nipp-Horn said...

Glad to be here with you today Lee Anne.

Mary said...

How can they help my teaching? i want to set one up for my class to try it out.

Mary B said...

I went to some of the blog sites. Some were easier to follow than others. Some were not very interesting. I would like to find some nurse educator blogs.

Edith said...

I want to learn more about the second grade page and how to post the children's work. I want to know more about blogs and how to use them with the students and the teachers.

Brad said...

I am still absorbing! I see lots of possibilities and I know that teachers in my building would enjoy learning about this technology as well. I am asked often about how to post pictures and student created materials on line.

I love the challenge of learning new STUFF!!!

sue-nipphorn said...

I am excited to be able to have my kiddos become bloggers not cloggers! I am ready to learn how to keep this only in my school. Lee Ann your sugggestion involving parents is what we have disscussed as a teacher group....I would love to have any ideas you have....Thanks, Sue