Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Are You in the Mood for Something

One of my most important jobs here on the 8th Floor is to surf the net. How fun is that! Well, it's not ALL fun. I have to surf with a purpose. I am forever on the hunt for sites and tools that may be useful to educators. I find a lot of them out there! When I find them, I save them in a way that anyone can access them. I have been using the bookmarking site,, for quite some time. I love it. Every time I find a website that I want to return to or that I want to save to share with others, I post it to my Delicious account. I can share these sites with my students, 8th Floor participants, and my coworkers because anyone can access them from anywhere. That's what makes it "social" - the sharing part.

I invite you to visit my account . Notice on the right side of the screen a list of "tags." Tags are a way to categorize sites by topic (or however you choose to organize them). I also invite you to set up an account of your own. When you do, add me to your network!

Now, you know I'm not going to finish this post without plugging a class here on the 8th Floor, so let me just get right to that. We have a class on Social Bookmarking. (It's one of our many classes on Web 2.0 tools.) In the class, we look at several ways you can use these sorts of bookmarking sites for research, sharing, professional development, etc. For more information, check out the schedule on our website, or feel free to contact me,

Lee Anne

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