Tuesday, March 27, 2007

PBwiki is Giving Away Free "Stuff" that YOU Want!

Go straight to their wiki and check it out.

You can get three Premium Gold wiki accounts (worth $750) for you and to share!


PBwiki Presenter Packs

If you're giving a presentation about PBwiki or wikis in general, we're thrilled to offer our PBwiki Presenter Packs to you--for free.

They include:
A PBwiki shirt for you (
pick your favorite)
An easy-to-read PDF overview of PBwiki to hand out to your audience ("What's a wiki?" "Can I see some samples?" "What about privacy?"). We'll even reimburse your printing costs.
A Powerpoint with pictures of real people/students using PBwiki.
3 FREE Premium Gold wikis. Keep one for yourself and give the other two away to your audience. (Total value: $750.00.)

To get your PBwiki Presenter Pack, email
emily@pbwiki.com. Please include the location where you'll be speaking, the date, your choice of t-shirt, and a mailing address to send the shirts.

Have fun!
Lee Anne

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