Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Google Docs in Plain English

If you've participated in a Web 2.0 class on the Eighth Floor with me, then you know what a fan I am of Lee LeFever and the Common Craft Show.

Well, it looks like he's been busy working with Google and has created a quick video in plain English discussing how the average Joe or Josephine can share a variety of documents ONLINE via Google Docs. As usual, he makes it look pretty darn easy.

What a great use of YouTube. I can absolutely see students creating instructional videos just like this one for each other.

Lee Anne


Patricia said...

Hi Lee Anne. Thanks for linking us to those great videos. I coordinate the curriculum for a class in which students give presentations and think that this might be a fun idea for that class.

I also watched the video on http://del.icio.us and feel I need to start one of those so that I can collect all of the interesting sites I've been learning about. Thank you. Patricia Galien

Anonymous said...

Lee Anne
Thanks so much for the great google doc site. This seems like a fantastic way to manage the otherwise messy business of attachments. It's also nice to know that the document is not existing in so many places.

Deborah Steinmiller

Anonymous said...

It still feels like it is moving a little too fast for me. I understand the basics of it but I really need to see it working in front of Me to see how it unfolds in real time and in real life.

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by the possiblities of the new incandescent light bulbs. We have already installed about 10 in our household. I have heard complaints about the light quality but it seems fine to me. And we try to recycle everything possible to save energy and space on the planet. There are ugly rumors about mercury in these bulbs. Do we know if these are propagated by the other energy companies?

Mrs. O said...

I totally agree with your comment..."I can absolutely see students creating instructional videos just like this one for each other." The whole time I was listening, I was intrigued by the method of presentation. Do you think he used cut-outs with magnets on the back and a regular white board?

Pam O'Risky

Justin Arthur said...

Lee Anne,
Thanks for the awesome video. There are a couple great applications I see here. First, I totally agree with your comment when it comes to our students creating instructional videos in this manner. I would love for my students to create instructional videos or even podcasts for each other. This whole philosophy of "learn to teach, teach to learn" will be forever rewarding to our students. Now to comment on google docs. I have heard of it, but haven't had the time to play around with it. Even though the examples are about mainly about business I think that it has a lot of application for us in an online class as well. As an example, lets say we have a group project that is a powerpoint presentation or research paper. Our group could easily use google docs to create, share, and edit the project throughout the entire process without all of the mess. The same could go for students in your classroom. Right off the bat, I see this eliminating the problem: "my partner has our project and he/she isn't here today." I'm sure there are plenty of other benefits I would find once I actually started using google docs. Thanks again for sharing that video! -Justin Arthur

Ken Plisinski said...

Thank-you Lee Anne for your guidance in getting this accurate.
I feel like how I did when I was learning how to ride a bike: I would pedal a little bit a fall off but I learned something that helped me improve the ride for the next time until I finally got the hang of it.

Ken Plisinski said...

Although I already signed up for the http://del.icio.us account, I understand from the video and our conversation the great resources and time saver tools this will allow in the future.
I also have ny own blog as kpp112@edublogs.com that will create another source to the info world for me and my future students.

Anonymous said...

I plan to attend conference.....
love delicious and voice thread