Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Online Professional Development Opportunities

While it is true that the Eighth Floor is primarily thought of as a technology learning center for educators, there is more to us than may meet the eye. There is an "AND" in there! We are a technology AND learning center for educators.

So, where is the AND, you may be asking? Well, check it out:

We have made available some pretty cool online professional development courses. Most of them have nothing at all to do with technology -- there's the AND. The Eighth Floor, in partnership with Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS), has put together a customizable list of online professional development courses with our area educators in mind.

Why are YOU interested in these online courses?
1. They are available 24/7/365. (That means over holiday breaks, too)
2. You set your own schedule.
3. KDS has developed a wide variety of timely topics of interest to all educators.
4. While some classes dealing with tech integration are available, that's not the only focus.
5. You get a lot of learning for your dollar.
6. Group rates are available.
7. Proven quality course content.
8. Proven quality online facilitation.
9. We've done all the "leg" work; only the "clicking" is left to you.
10. Your continued professional development is as important to us as it is to you.

Sample Courses:
Classroom Management
Differentiated Instruction
Aiding Students with Learning Disabilities
English Language Learners & Cultural Awareness
Teaching Diverse Learners
Preparing Students for High-Stakes Tests
Coaching & Mentoring to Improve Student Learning
Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools
Anger Management & Effective Discipline to Prevent Violence
Hands-On, Discovery-Based Mathematics
(New courses are currently being developed)

Take a moment to look at this PDF that details all the classes and lays out course content:

If you have any questions at all about these courses or group rates, please feel free to contact
Dr. Lisa Cole at


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