Monday, January 14, 2008

The Look of Student Blogging

Wow, what a spark to the start my week! This morning I was trying to do a little blog reading. It is a great way to both start and end a week or day or whatever, when I can fit it in – kind of like professional meditation (?). Educational blogs are where I get so many of my ideas and resources. Anyhoo, I was reading a post by Will Richardson about how he was asked by a high school student to participate in an UStream broadcast during the NH primary. As with all of Will’s post, it was an interesting and inspiring read. But his post was not where I got the big spark this morning. It was from the student who invited Will to the conversation, Arthus. I was fascinated by his blog, Newly Ancient. Arthus is a high school student in Vermont. Here’s his intro:

Me (abridged version)
Arthus is an pompous 15-year-old
student who currently attends Champlain Valley Union High School. When not absorbed in the easy work of school, he enjoys developing web applications and playing soccer. This promising individual hopes to go forward with a glorious career in web technologies and science. He is also interested in developing better writing skills and acquiring basic social skills. This blog is a fusion of all these interests and explores the educational opportunities the web presents with a personal touch. Apparently, Arthus also likes to talk in the 3rd person. If any of this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to get in touch or feed me. Whatever you interest, this blog may offer some informative and entertaining parts if you sift through the dirt and sand.

I’m intrigued! A web developing, poetry writing (read some of it!), soccer playing, blog writing student contributing to the bigger picture of education. I want to know what inspires this kid. I want this kid in my classroom. I want to know what other kids in his classes are doing. I want all students to have this kind of voice. This is a fantastic illustration of what student blogging can look like. As an example, take a look at his Annual Report” post. What a great project on so many levels.

Check out Arthus’ blog,
Newly Ancient at .

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Lee Anne

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/gradster(1)/ said...

I love the exceptions to the stereotypes as well - they make you wonder at why people even created the stereotype in the first place. The best thing, I think, is that they prompt discussion - whether it be positive, negative, or neutral.

/gradster(1)/ - a fellow student blogger -