Monday, March 24, 2008

What Should You Know About Social Bookmarking?

  • You should know that it makes your "favorites" accessible from any computer.
  • You should know that it allows for much more organizational control over your saved sites.
  • You should know that it allows you to share your bookmarked sites with others.
  • You should know that it is incredibly easy to use.
  • You should know that it is an efficient way to manage the voluminous information you encounter daily.
  • You should know that it is a class offered on the Eighth Floor.
  • You should know that it will be offered next on March 27th from 4:00 - 7:00 pm.

Want to know more? Following are links to articles, etc. that will get you started.

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Web 2.0 Wiki Page on Social Bookmarking
Common Craft Video on Social Bookmarking
Delicious - Effective Social Bookmarking
My own Delicious Account - Click on the tags to the right to get more specific.

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Little Town Big Life said...

Commenting on the blog class @ Eighth Floor: really enjoying the class!! To me, blogging is a two fold idea--one is that you can have "cyber pen pals"--an old concept in the online age; we all still like to connect with others.
A second idea is the ability to find user comments on ideas--no more trial & error on what works, what is good/bad--alot of that has been done. Along with that, when one has experiences, those can be shared for the common good! Eliminates so much legwork!