Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tips for Digital Literacy - Yes, this is stuff you want to know!

Like many of you, I am still trying to get a comfortable handle on “digital literacy.” I have tons and tons of questions and very few "good" answers.

  • How do I help my students evaluate and manage all the information presently available to them?
  • How do I help them distinguish the good from the bad from the ugly?
  • How do I help them understand copyright and copyleft?
  • How do I help them find a variety of information (not just what’s available through Wikipedia or Google)?
  • How do I, how do I, how do I????

So, anytime I see an article dealing with anything to do with digital/information/media literacy, etc., I’m on it. Needless to say, this article from TechLearning, “Make Students Info Literate” by Judy Salpeter had my full attention. The article touches on several timely topics, such as finding a variety of research options, finding effective research terms, copyright, tools that make evaluation easier, terms and definitions of 21st Century literacy, and NCTE recommendations.

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