Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are Conversational Skills (in writing) Important?

I ran across an article last week in Campus Technology's Web 2.0
eNewsletter, Learning in the Webiverse: How Do you Grade a Conversation. I couldn't click on it fast enough! Why wouldn't you want to know this? I can't tell you the number of educators that struggle with the discussion boards and web tools, etc.

Right off the bat the author, Dr. Trent Batson, asks two pretty big questions:

  1. Are conversational skills (in writing) important and, if so, how do we teach them?
  2. How do you evaluate written turns in an ongoing conversation?

Here are several topic headings to pique your interest.

  • An Academic Online Conversation
  • Principles for Evaluating Online Conversations
  • Web 2.0 Just Does Conversation
  • That Old Tipping Point

Any thoughts . . .

Just Sharin'
Lee Anne

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