Thursday, July 17, 2008

Podcasting Advice You Can Use

I have had the boundless pleasure of teaching a couple of podcasting classes this summer. The more I work with podcasting, the more I am convinced that this a fantastic activity and opportunity for student learning and creative expression. The technical aspects of this activity may seem a bit overwhelming at first unless you are a geek. I am NOT a geek (though I want to be!), so I am always grateful when I find tools that relieve me of the need to be geeky.

Through Eduhound's eNewsletter, I found a link to some cool podcasting resources. The creators of Radio Willow Web share their tools and techniques at It is certainly worth a glance.

What I'm most excited about here, is the free music and sound effects links they share. I have not had a chance to roll around in all of them yet. If you find one to be particularly appropriate and easy, please share with everyone.

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Just sharin'!

Lee Anne

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Anonymous said...

Another good site for music is Magnatune, a "not evil" music company. They have mp3s available for download under a CC-NC-SA license. Higher quality files cost (although teachers should be able to get them for free if they contact the company).

My music tastes are pretty eclectic, so I don't assume that everyone will like what I like. Check out Suzanne Teng; Enchanted Wind is great for calming background music.