Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Love the Human Brain!

For many in the area, classes are starting. My first TCC credit class was last night. As usual, our first meeting consisted of reviewing the syllabus, the course content and expectations, and getting to know each other. Reviewing the syllabus is never exciting, but important. Without really meaning to, I did something kind of odd. (Is that how oddness happens?) Before class started I checked weather.com to see what was up. When I began speaking, I left it on the projected screen, and every few minutes I refreshed the view.

So, yeeeeah, why am I telling you this? After I drag the (at this point) willing students laboriously through the schedule, I ask for questions or concerns, etc. I always get a few. Generally, the questions are about details I have just shared with them - as in . . . didn't I just say that? After I answer their questions, I ask them questions about what is in the syllabus. Some can answer many of the questions, but these aren't really the results I hope for. This class was different. The only question asked was if they were allowed to bring beverages in the classroom. Great question - I had not said anything about that. When I quizzed them about the syllabus after, they hit about 99.99999999% accuracy.

I really, really don't think I became a better "explainer" all of the sudden, just this week.

Would anyone like to comment on the connection between weather.com on the overhead and their ability to focus on the discussion?

I love the human brain. I think how we are using it is changing.

Just Sayin'!
Lee Anne

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