Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How do you connect coffee with your online network?

If you know me, then you know I am nothing without my morning half dozen cups of coffee, so I can make coffee connect with pretty much anything! But seriously. How DO you make a connection between coffee and your online communities? Biggby Bob makes it look pretty darn easy. A good friend of mine owns a chain of coffee houses, mostly in the Michigan area down to the Florida area called Biggby Coffee. No, I'm not trying to promote a friend's business here! I want to use one particular blog post from the Where is Bob? blog to exemplify the breadth and depth of social media and Web 2.0 tools - their use in business, as well as why our students might need to know a little about them . . . and why you might want to know, too!

In the post, a recruiting manager is interviewed about what job seekers can do to set themselves apart. View the short video on Bob's blog. Can you count the number times the Internet, social media, or web 2.0 tools are mentioned? (I get about a dozen.) Does this give you any ideas how you could build your professional network online?

FYI - There is a Biggby Cafe on Facebook. Not only has Biggby Coffee created a face-to-face community of people who come in and BUY their yummy coffee, but they have a hugely populated community online. (check them out on Twitter, too!) This totally fascinates me. How are coffee and online communities connected!!

Just sayin'
Lee Anne


BIGGBY BOB said...

Thanks Lee Ann...one other place of note http://www.bhappylounge.com/

and check out the BIGGBY GURU on Facebook,

and of course biggbybob on twitter...

Ok..that's 'nuff

Anonymous said...

The thing I like is that Biggby Coffee talks WITH its community, not AT it. That's why other companies are unable to utilize social media correctly.