Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I love Top 10 Lists

I enjoy a well thought top 10 list, don't you? Here's one from The Journal that I think is particularly well done: Top 10 Web Tools for Young Learners.

Gail Lovely, an education technology consultant and speaker at the FETC 2009 conference in Orlando, FL in January, developed a "top 10 list" of go-to technology tools to help inspire young students and empower under-funded teachers. (Raise your hand if you know an underfunded teacher! )
You will notice that the Eighth Floor offeres classes on a number of the tools on her list, blogs, wikis, VoiceThread, etc. I have played with Voki and love it. I use Skype quite often for instant messaging and voice or video calls - it's quite groovy. There are a couple on the list that I am going to MAKE time to check out: Glogster, Aminoto, and YackPack. If you have used any of these I'd love to know what you think?
Just Sharin'!
Lee Anne


Anonymous said...

I've been playing with Animoto a bit; I think we're going to use it in the revised version of MEGA (the multimedia project-based learning course). There is a great example of Animoto for an educational presentation that I just found. How much more engaging is this than your typical PowerPoint with bullet points if you're doing a standard "biography of an author" assignment?

Anonymous said...

Oops, not enough caffeine yet this morning. Here's the link:

Lee Anne said...

Christy, thanks for sharing that. I played with it yesterday - love it! So easy, so fun. I am going to try to incorporate it into a class I teach on Creating Digital Picture Projects.

Lee Anne