Thursday, February 19, 2009

Teachers Love SmartBoards!

Our SmartBoard classes are among the most popular we offer on the Eighth Floor. Every semester, classes fill with long waiting lists. SmartBoards are just one of those kinds of tools that everyone can use. We have SmartBoards in two of our classrooms, and I find myself walking over to them when I want to REALLY show or discuss something on the screen. This is much better than making everyone's eyes jiggle when I shake the mouse pointer at whatever I think is so important. So, in order to get better at using the SmartBoard when I am teaching, I've been taking the SmartBoard classes we offer - I know, you guys think Scott and I already know everything, don't you. I'm gonna come clean, we don't. Well, actually, Scott might . . . I DON'T. The classes are fantastic and the teachers are fantastic!! Pam Burgess and Shaun Beard teach the bulk of our Smart classes.

Okay, so why am I tell you all this? SmartBoards are a deep and wide tool. Once you get a taste of what is possible, it's almost like you can't get enough! Sometimes, when you want more information on something, it can be hard to find a solid resource with a lot (not a little) for just about everyone. Earlier this week in the What About Blogs? class, Deana McCloud from Pryor shared a blog with us, and now I am going to share it with you. I poked around for a bit - it's cool. :-D - called, Teachers Love SmartBoards!

It looks like the author posts about once a week - so not so overwhelming that you can't digest the ideas he shares. If you know how, I recommend subscribing, - if not, at least save it to your favorites and visit it about once a week. If you decide that you think it is a worthwhile resource, share it with others!
If you have a Smart resources that you just love, PLEASE share it with us!
Just Sharin'
Lee Anne


Deana McCloud said...

Hi LeeAnne,
My students and I are figuring out ways to use the wiki and blog I started creating during your session I took recently. Check out the discussion tab on the wiki and how we're using Google Docs to respond to prompts on the blog. After this trial run on the blog, I'm going to have them put together a short Powerpoint presentation on Google docs and share! Fun stuff!!! :-)
Deana McCloud

Lee Anne Morris said...


This is wonderful! You have really done some cool stuff with your students. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you sharing. Examples are so valuable when learning how to put all this Web 2.0 stuff together. I'm always surprised by how smart kids are. I guess I never felt like I was THAT smart when I was their age. :-D

Tell them to keep up the good work. I will absolutely be watching and learning!!

Lee Anne