Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Importance of Being Clickable

In the last few weeks I have had to move my office twice (we got new carpets). Most people might think this is just a necessary annoyance. I agree; however, I also see it as an opportunity to purge, purge, and purge. In the process I have come across several little jewels that I tucked away or “piled” for one reason or another, articles to read, lesson plans to spark my thinking, post-its with wild ideas, etc. One of the articles I saved was from the November 2007 edition of Technology and Learning. The article is “The Importance of Being Clickable.” By technology standards, 2007 is a LONG time ago. However, the idea of being clickable is becoming increasingly relevant – especially if you are job hunting as so many are. How aware are you of your online persona? Do you have one? Do you think you should? I would be willing to wager that if you Google yourself, you are out there. You are somebody in cyberspace if nowhere else!

So, I Googled my myself. (When did that become a sentence that makes sense?) Lee Anne Morris is not an overly common name, so I had several hits on the first page that were about me. When I added Tulsa or Oklahoma to my search, it was pretty much all about me. (and when is that not good! :-D ) Even for someone who teaches tech integration and breaths Web 2.0, I don’t have an impressively large online presence, but I’m there. I am professionally clickable! I can tell quite a bit about me from seeing the social networks and learning communities I participate in. I can see evidence that I am learning from and contributing to my profession. So I am okay with how I am representing myself with my online persona.

Take a minute to Google yourself. (Still makes me laugh.) What do you find? What more could you do during the summer to be more “clickable”? You know I am going to suggest you take classes on the Eighth Floor, so you might as well at least check out all the spectacular classes we are offering.

Besides taking classes on the Eighth Floor, what could you do or what are you already doing? We need to know!

Just thinkin’
Lee Anne

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