Monday, November 02, 2009

The English Companion Ning Site

In doing some digging for a new class I am teaching (insert shameless plug here-- Social Networking Tools for Educators - Nov 11th at 4:30) . . . back to the conversation . . . in doing some digging for a new class, I have run across some great resources. The English Companion Ning is one in particular. I really wish this sort of resource had been around when I first started teaching. What a great place to bounce ideas off of others testing the same waters you are. I have seen ning sites for just about every subject.

One of the things that I like about ning sites is that they allow the greater lump of members to self-select into smaller, focused groups. For example, I can belong to a group within the larger group that focuses on teaching English with technology. What's not to love about that?

Of course, we have started a ning site of our own at the Eighth Floor, and we have started to create a few groups that are gaining momentum, slowly but surely. We have a group for our advisory committee and we have a group for anyone interested in SMART tools in the classroom. If you have an idea for a group, get in there and make it happen!

If you want to know more about ning sites or social networking tools in general, check out some of the sites I've been rolling around in - . And if you are interested in more conversation, come join the class next week.

Just sharin'
Lee Anne

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