Thursday, January 28, 2010

20 Types of Blog Posts - or Blogging Across the Curriculum!

I have had possibly more than a million dozen teachers ask me, "What can I do with blogging in my classroom?" I tell them anything they can imagine, they can do. There are as many ideas as there are teachers and classrooms. I tell them to start out by reading some blogs. Any good blogger was first a good blog reader! Then I tell them to consider their purpose, the nature of their students, and how much time they are willing to commit. I also caution them to replace something they are already doing with the blog - not add the blog to the incredible amout they are already doing. It becomes too much and they will just hate it later.

And all that is some solid advice, if I do say so myself! I realize that for some (me included, often) that solid advice is not always enough to get the juices flowing and motivation running high. Examples, samples, ideas, . . . possibilities! These can help me be creative. So, when I saw this blog post, I thought BRILLIANT! This is just a casual list of 20 different types of blog posts. What I saw was a great list of blogs across the curriculum. See what you think:

20 Types of Blog Posts

Just Sharin'
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