Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome to a New Semester on The Eighth Floor!!

I have lived my entire life by the semester. Not by the year, not by the month, and not by the yard, but by the semester.  I get to start anew three times a year. AWESOME!!  Well maybe.  I think what that really means is that instead of experiencing the “circle of life” – you know each year has a beginning and an end and the usual landmarks in between – I am experiencing the “roller coaster of life.” There is a lot of energy that goes into starting anew three times a year!  Luckily, I like roller coasters.

We have certainly had our challenges the last 6/7 months.  We spent August – November as refugees after storm damage closed our floor and stopped normal operations.  Even though we couldn't have classes in our classrooms, we found ways to have them anyway – TCC and TTC really helped out sharing space.  We can’t thank them enough.  During the month of October we offered a “Scratch ‘n Dent” sale.  We had NO idea how popular that would be.  Although it was challenging taking our show on the road every day, we learned a lot about our consortium members, and we hope they know us a little better.

Here we are again at the start of a new semester on The Eighth Floor.  We are back in our offices and no longer sitting on top of each other in one room.  The good news is we can now go back to our quirky work habits and personal tastes in music.  The bad news is Scott doesn’t read us our horoscopes in the mornings anymore.

We are really looking forward to our regular classes starting next week.  We are ready for a familiar routine.  I am excited to check our enrollment numbers every morning to see what classes are filling and which are NOT.  If you are not enrolled, do it.  http://eighthfloor.org/schedule.html Come ride the rollercoaster with us!!

Just ready,
Lee Anne

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