Monday, February 11, 2013

Lose Weight without Even Trying

Renowned scientists have found a previously unfound cure for obesity. Hitherto, it was thought to be a cure, but now it is proven to be a more globally effective antidote to a festering plague.  No personal effort what-so-ever is required.

You clicked on it?  Seriously?   It’s okay, it’s okay.  You just shared your human side.   Man, what I wouldn't give for a previously hitherto unfound cure – not gonna lie.

I have been working on the beginning blogging class I am teaching tonight – looking for some new stuff.  I like to keep things a little fresh, ya know.  What I have noticed is the blogging movement is really picking up speed lately.  Not just what I see online, but I see it in our enrollments. Why?  I have my theories, but what do I know?

I am all for blogging and can think of a million reasons why I would do this both professionally and personally.  On top of that, I don’t know what I would do if the people I am learning from quit blogging.  Yikes!  Would I have to read musty books on what would then be stale information?  (Please don’t translate that into a distain for books – I LOVE BOOKS! --- but there are times when blogs are more appropriate.)

I’m sincerely curious what people are looking for when they start blogging?  I’m pretty sure it’s not a previously unfound cure that was hitherto global.  An infinitive or two would be helpful for me.  Is it to learn, to teach, to promote, to create, to meet Common Core standards, to lose weight by blogging . . . to what?

Just Wonderin’
Lee Anne

p.s. There are still some spots left in the Getting Started with Blogs class.  Just sayin’


Cheryl Sanders said...

Glad to be here learning about blogs!

Anonymous said...

Great class

Anonymous said...

glad to be here