Thursday, March 14, 2013

What’s Your Geek IQ – Eighth Floor Quiz

Here's your chance to find out your Geek Quotient. Are you a perfect candidate for Eighth Floor Classes? 

Who invented the internet?
  1.   Ward Cunningham
  2.   Al Gore
  3.   Seriously? Check Wikipedia, you dweeb
  4.   A company called the Pony Interpress

When you book a hotel, you are most concerned about  . . .
  1.   The breakfast buffet
  2.   Sites and restaurants in the area
  3.   Free WiFi
  4.   The closest public transport

If you were a technology device, which would you be?
  1.   PC/Mac
  2.   iPad
  3.   Cellphone - Android, of course
  4.   Laptop

When you set the table for dinner, how do you arrange the utensils around your plate?
  1.   Spoon, fork, knife
  2.   Fork, knife, spoon, cellphone
  3.   Knife, spoon, fork, cellphone never leaves your hand
  4.   Phones aren’t allowed at the table

Your best friend just got a brand new iPhone 3.  You . . .
  1.   Show her your old flip phone and tell her you are worried people will listen in on your calls with a phone like hers. 
  2.   Are impressed she is starting to catch on to the whole “phone thing.”
  3.   Tweet – Instagram – Facebook about it because that’s just too funny.
  4.   You compare it to your original iPhone and think about updating

Your best friend just got a new iPad.  What app do you recommend first?
  1.   eHarmony – JDate –– it’s a toss up
  2.   FlipBook
  3.   Your favorite JailBreak or QR code
  4.   Angry Birds

When you share a document with someone, your preferred technique is . . .
  1.   Print it out for them
  2.   Email
  3.   DropBox or Google Drive – just depends
  4.   One of those sticks you put in the hole - what are they called again? 

When you can’t figure out how to do something in a program or application, you
  1.   Just give up – you don’t have time for this.
  2.   Ask the techie type person at work
  3.   Click on the help button or Google/YouTube the information
  4.   You phone the application at home.

You use your phone most for . . .
  1.   Phone calls
  2.   Checking your Facebook
  3.   My phone makes calls?
  4.   The clock – it’s huge and you don’t have to put your reading glasses on to tell time.

How many Eighth Floor classes have you taken in the last few year
  1.   0
  2.   1-5
  3.   6 or above
  4.   I sign up but never show up – so I am now afraid to show my face there.

Add up your points!
For each #1 answer give yourself 1 point
For each #2 answer give yourself 2 points
For each #3 answer give yourself 3 points
For each #4 answer give yourself 0 points.

0-9 points - Egghead
Technology is just not your thing, is it.  You never hear from your kids or younger relatives because you don’t know if your phone can text. You keep deleting your contacts from your computer and you don’t know how you to it. You better be enrolled in several Eighth Floor classes.  You need us!

10 – 19 points - Dweeb/Nerd
It’s not all bad – you have some game. Your kids have made sure of that. You can conduct a little business, but beyond that it’s a phone and it’s made for calling people. After all, when was the last time you saw an actual payphone? You use your computer at work, but only for those things that must happen on the computer. Oh, and also to check your Facebook and Pintrest, of course! You need to take your sprouting technology skills and help them grow by taking classes at The Eighth Floor

20-30 points - Techie/Super Geek
Look out Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowell!  There’s nothing nerdy about you, and you feel no need for revenge.  Technology just dances for you. Your only drawback is that you have no tolerance for eggheads and just don’t get dweebs.  You also know too much about technology to suffer integrating it into your classroom. You need to take classes at The Eighth Floor to get over your own self.  Just sayin’. 

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