Friday, June 21, 2013

Pop-Up Learning – Wave of the Future?

You guys have seen the pop-up shops, right, especially around the holidays.  These are great little establishments that pop-up on the side of the street or at a park or in small lobby fronts or wherever crowds may gather.  These are artist or business owners that are literally taking it to the people.

So, follow me on this, what about pop-up learning?  Pop-up teacher professional development?  What if The Eighth Floor were to pop-up just when you needed it? Learning with an entrepreneurial flavor. Are you curious? 

I know!  This all seems like crazy talk, but honestly, I can envision it.  I think it would be worthwhile AND fun. 

You can thank Samantha Reid and Edutopia for putting these goofy little ideas in my head. Check out this short article:   Five Future Trends That Will Impact the Learning Ecosystem

Here’s a vocabulary list to help you pick the more interesting ideas – can you figure out what they mean?
  • FabLab – Did you know we have one in Tulsa?  We are quite lucky
  • Learning Entrepreneurial Style
  • High Fidelity Learning Environments
  • CYOS – Create Your Own School
  • Talent Clouds (love this!!!)
  • Classroom/Student Projects that solve problems and change communities.

Are you at all intrigues by anything in this article?  I can’t stop thinking about it.

Just thinkin’
Lee Anne

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