Wednesday, September 09, 2015

A Woven Web of Technology Integration . . . ?

It took three years to make it happen, but it finally happened.  We have turned our Atrium classroom into a collaborative web of learning.  It is a tangled web we’ve woven.  I say that, but it is seriously cool.

We have created nine “pods” where four people can work in individual groups  Primarily, we wanted the TVs at each pod to be able to display what that group is working on.   An added functionality is at any time, the TV screen at each pod can display the instructor’s computer or any other student’s in the room.

It’s not magic.  We have to poke on some buttons every time we want to change displays, but all in all, it works pretty smoothly once you get the hang of it.

There is going to be a learning curve for us and our participants, but that’s okay.  We are already working out what we need to do to make that more of a bump than a curve. 

Personally, I think the biggest challenge is going to be ours as instructors in this environment.  The possibilities are endless.  This configuration promotes more active and engaged learning.  It also allows for more personalized/small group instruction.  Exactly what we wanted!! 

However, as educators, I am sure you guys know what that  means - lots of work.  We need to get busy figuring out how we can change how we run our classrooms and how we can put participants in the driver’s seat more. 

We’d love to hear any ideas, tips, or suggestions.  No.  Really.  We would.

Just sharin’
Lee Anne

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