Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Google Earth Adds Wikipedia Content and Much More

Google Earth is one of my favorite places to "play." Now they have added new layers that integrate Wikipedia articles as well as photos from Panoramio.com. Check out this Monkey Bites post on the Wired Blogs.

Or, go straight to the new Google Earth http://earth.google.com/earth4.html

Lee Anne


Leni said...

I finally viewed a literature Google Earth project and am not sure I'm sold. A colleague in my office is very high on using Google Earth to enhance use of primary source content from the Library of Congress site.

I'd like to know more about the real educational "value added" with Google Earth. Any suggestions about something good to read?


Leni Donlan

Lee Anne said...

Leni, keep watching our blog. We are planning on creating a series of short classes using Google tools. We are still researching and thinking about it all.

I like what Google is doing with the web and it's focus on education. It's all new to everyone, even them. But it's fun learning and finding ways to make this relevant for our students and us.

Thanks for your comment.
Lee Anne