Monday, July 30, 2007

Can You Subscribe to a YouTuber?

YouTube (and now TeacherTube) are becoming quite popular - wouldn't you say - just a little, maybe? Yeah, yeah, there are definitely some inappropriate "things" to watch for, but there are more way cool "tubes" for kids and teachers.

Recently, one of the Eighth Floor participants, Lynn - The Raving Librarian - said she had a favorite YouTuber that she wanted to subscribe to. She wanted to know how to do that. Subscribing you YouTube is a bit different, but she found a way! Check out her blog at The Raving Librarian. Lynn pointed out that if you subscribe to someone, then you don't have to "go out there" and accidentally run into something you don't want to see. Excellent!!

Thanks, Lynn, for sharing with everyone.

Lee Anne

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