Monday, July 23, 2007

What About Blogs - July 2007

Welcome to the Eighth Floor class, "What About Blogs."

We thought you might be interested in looking at a few of the blogs we find particularly relevant to education and technology integration. There are thousands and thousands of blogs out there. You will find blogs on any topic, from pet grooming to dissertation research. People of all ages are drawn to blogging as a form of expression. As a collaboration and communication tool, blogs have found their place in education. Many teachers use them for professional development and continued learning.

Check out the following education/professional development focused blogs:
Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Teachers Teaching Teachers

Blog of Proximal Development
2 Cents Worth
The Good Habits Blog

Several teachers are using blogs in the classroom as a tool for collaboration and communication. They find that blogging results in much more authentic learning for students.

Check out the following education/classroom use blogs:
Mrs. Watts Second Grade Computer Classroom
AP English Literature and Composition

English 12
Maybry - Classroom and Teacher blogs
Applied Science Research Blogs Alan November - Examples in Education
Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog (1st and 2nd Graders)
Blogical Minds

Check out the following education/safety focused postings and articles:
MySpace Education
Change Agency

Blogging Tips and Tricks:
Web Blog Basics
Blogs - Anatomy
Bogs for Learning
valuating Blogging
logging Best Practices

Being as this is a class about blogging, we think you ought to do a little, well, blogging. (Those of you reading this who are not enrolled in the class, please jump in!) We’d like you to share some of your thoughts or concerns about setting up and using blogs either professionally or in the classroom.
Here are some questions to get you started thinking:
- What do you want to know about blogs?
- What do you already know about blogs?
- How do you think you can use blogs?
- How do you see others using blogs?
- What are you concerned about when it comes to blogs?
- What experiences (good or bad) have you already had with blogs?
- How important is digital literacy for our students?
- OR anything else you would like to blog about.
YOUR TASK: Come up with at least one idea for using or creating a blog - it doesn't even have to be "school" related, and post a comment at the bottom of this post. Share any other thoughts you might have. If you can't think of something to "DO" with a blog, then share something you have learned about blogs or blogging. Post your thoughts as a "comment" by clicking on the “comments” hyperlink at the bottom of this posting. You can contribute as “other.” Be sure to include your name somewhere. Read others’ comments and feel free to comment on their comments.

Lee Anne


Anonymous said...

I have been using blogs since I took a class here last summer. My main blog is with some friends in the entertainment industry in L. A. We discuss all kinds of things - from what we are doing to what movies we like. It has been a great way to meet in touch with friends you may not have seen for years.
Blogging is also a way to find long lost friends. I have a friend who teaches at the University of Michigan. I found her blog while searching for her address on the net.
I have a long list of "favorites" on my computer. I also am working on my dissertation. In addition, I am very active in a web-based fanfic exchange related to the X-Files. Now I can see how each of these can be translated into a blog.
I am also a teacher so I can see that the blogging opportunities are limitless. I usually have a teacher webpage - just your basic generic webbing. Now I can link to all the math websites that I usually get asked about during the year.
Now I need to go off and find out what "Voice Thread" since I just spent a week using Moviemaker to make a 10-minute movie for my dissertation class this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I excited about learning how to do all the tricks about blogging. Its so overwhelming.


Unknown said...

I am a high school librarian and can see many ways blogs could be used in an educational setting. One thing I would like to try in the upcoming year is to create a book review blog. Not only would readers be able to share what they're reading, but I think a few reluctant readers might be enticed to read if the summary/review is coming from a peer that they know in real life.

Anonymous said...

My awesome discoveries!

Lee Anne

Anonymous said...

I am excited to find out more information about the Good Habits/Good Students book-curriculum. I left a message on their blog and hope to hear from them soon as I am looking for new ideas for my students next year.
Thanks for the info! :-)


Anonymous said...

I think this would be a good way to provide more one on one interaction with students. Of course if you have 200 students, that might keep you a tad busy


Lee Anne said...

Me posting as my google me

Anonymous said...

I teach computer software instruction to high school students. I am not sure I can see how I would use this in my class.

I looked at Mrs. Cassidy's class blog (provided on the 8th floor site) and I could see how it would be beneficial.

I am not sure if my students would blog something meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Interesting application.

Anonymous said...

Too much information for us "old" adults! Where are the students when you need help?
It's Mind-bloggling!

Anonymous said...

Good idea for extra credit asisgnment.

Justin Arthur said...

Lee Anne,
This is really how I envision blogging being used in the education world. I really enjoyed taking a look at some of the resources here in the blogging tips and tricks section and I also was interested in some of the articles such as MySpace education. I see blogging as a way to organize, communicate, and provide direction to our audience and your blog does exactly that. You blog also opened my eyes to something else. All this time I have been wanting to start a blog for my students; however, I need to start one for my fellow staff members as well. I do so many training sessions and in-services that they are always coming to me with questions and looking for a handout. If I could create a blog, they would have a one stop shop for anything they needed. This wouldn't eliminate any new emails or contacts that go out; however, it could cut down on the repeats and simple stuff which would make my day a heck of a lot less crazy. I could also toss in some light-hearted videos like your one on PowerPoint to lighten the mood and increase hits from time to time. Thanks! -Justin Arthur