Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What Does a Brave New Classroom Look Like These Days?

I realize I am a few weeks late in sharing this conversation - mostly that's because I'm a few weeks late in finding it. And . . . I can't wait to have time to really read it. *sigh*

Brave New Classroom 2.0 on the Britannica Blog is a conversation that has a little something for every educator, whether you are "into" technology or not. I like that there are a variety of perspectives, experiences, and opinions. For example, here are two divergent opinions on the same "2.0" playbill, Steve Hargadon / Post: “Moving Toward Web 2.0 in K-12 Education“ and right next door, Dan Willingham / Post: “Why Web 2.0 Will Not be an Integral Part of K-12 Education”. I can't wait to fully read them.

The one article I have skimmed thus far is Michael Wesch / Post: “A Vision of Students Today (& What Teachers Must Do)” Here's my favorite sentence from his post, "Our students are so alienated by education that they are trying to sneak right past it." His is an interesting discussion about the "getting by" game students play. It's not a new game - I admit, I've played it once or twice when I was in school, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth - but the game is getting more interesting. Do you believe that their desire to get by has nothing to do with their desire to learn?

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