Thursday, February 12, 2009

Animoto is Awesome!

Last week I posted a Top 10 List of Web 2.0 tools. A couple of the tools, I had not played with before. was one of them. Well, I'm in love with this tool! Here are my reasons why:
  • Too easy to use!
  • Perfect tool for digital picture projects
  • Has an educator's version!
  • Level of effort hardly reflects the sophisticated result.
I have applied for my educator's site on animoto. They take a couple of days to respond/review. But, in the mean time, I played with the regular version. This is a 30 second video. You can create 30 second videos or full length (haven't tried full length yet). Animto walks you through the process - it really is quite easy. Frist, I grabbed some pictures that looked like they had to do with the Eighth Floor. Second, I choose music that they provided. You can supply your own if you want, but they have a pretty good collection. Finally, I hit finalize and waited a few minutes for this:

I can't wait to get into the educator's version. If all goes well, I am going to incorporate this tool into the Digital Picture Projects class.

If you do one, share it!

Lee Anne

Digital Picture Projects
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