Friday, April 17, 2009

ODLA - Oklahoma Distance Learning . . . and then some!

Yesterday I attended and presented at the ODLA conference in OKC. It was fun . . . and believe me when I tell you that is not something I say very often about presenting at conferences. But it was fun. I think I know why, too -- for three reasons.

One, I got to present with two instructors I work with A LOT here on the Eighth Floor, Dana Linda and Linda Jones. We facilitate the Online Learning Series together each semester. We have this team teaching thing down to an art and it always feels good to fire up the classroom with them.

Two, I got to talk about online learning, and I LOVE to talk about online learning. Our topic was The Critical First 48 Hours. Great topic - Dana's brilliant idea. If our good intentions bear fruit, we'll post our presentation at some point. (go ahead - hold your breath)

Three, I met some seriously cool people from around the state that have jobs similar to mine. There was SO much to talk about. Just a few short years ago, I rarely met folks who had teaching positions similar to mine. I am excited to see instructional design and technology integration finding a permanent home in educational institutions across the state.

Bonus, I expanded my professional learning network. From that, I have some fantastic shares, but one really good "share" that I can't just keep to myself. It would be wrong. Kelly Fitzmorris from OSU Stillwater sent me a list of Web 2.0 tools she created. It is quite well done. She gives short explainations of various tools and groups them by purpose. A few of the tools are new to me, and I can't wait to play with them. Take a minute to have a look.

Scott also has a really good "share." He went to a presentation on mobile phone tools for the classroom and is already planning a class for the fall. The presenter was Jim Britton from NSU and here are some links you might be interested in - just sayin'.

The ODLA Fall Conference is in Tulsa on November 12th. Pencil yourself there!

Just Sharin'
Lee Anne

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