Monday, April 06, 2009

YouTube Launches Higher Education Landing Page

Now this is cool. YouTube has launched a higher education page. (link to YouTube EDU - Here is the very short article from Campus Technology

YouTube Launches Higher Education Landing
You Tube EDU aggregates video from colleges and universities. The launch was made quietly this past week, but with contributions from Dartmouth, Stanford, University of Minnesota, UNC Chapel Hill, Purdue, Harvard, VirginiaTech, and more than 100 others, the site stands a chance to get attention easily. There are already more than 20,000 videos on YouTube EDU. Content is varied, ranging from lectures on quantum physics to "Snow Day in Chapel Hill." With no plans for indexing the videos with a controlled vocabulary (confirmed by Obadiah Greenberg of the Strategic Partnerships team at YouTube) it's starting out eclectic but browsable--typical YouTube.
Many of you may be aware that YouTube is not the only vehicle for watching and uploading videos for your students. TeacherTube and SchoolTube may be more appropriate. I have found a number of videos on TeacherTube that I use in the classroom. Educational sharing at its best!

I poked around a little. For the most part the topics are strongly scholastic – good news. The quality of some of the videos wasn’t great – but the topics are fantastic. Check this one out on Googling the Brain on a Chip.

If you know of any other “tubes,” please share!

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