Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Need a Donor to Choose ME!

I had the opportunity yesterday to BE the student - an opportunity that is becoming all to rare these days. I participated in the Tech Talk Forum (gr K-8). The bulk of my experience in the classroom is working with teens and adults, so I take any opportunity I can to get connected with what's going on in the lower grades. Brad and Edith Dishman, part-time instructors on the Eighth Floor and full-time wizzards in Owasso, facilitated the course. What fun! I am very impressed with what they are doing in their elementary classrooms with Skype and wikis and many other technologies.

Besides sharing tools and talking "what ifs," many people shared great resources, software, and websites. I have way too many new things to check out now!! Edith shared a site I know everyone will want to know about - Donors Choose This is an online resource that connects donors with teachers who need "stuff." For example, check out what Mrs. V. from southwest Oklahoma got: Thanks so much, Edith, for sharing this resource - it's wonderful!

If you know of a site that is a must share . . . please do!

Just sharin'
Lee Anne

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