Friday, July 24, 2009

Ning Nong . . . Eighth Floor Calling!

We have been trying to find a way to expand our time “in the classroom” here on the Eighth Floor. We want to have more interaction with the consortium members and other people who are doing what we do. With just two full time instructors, we are usually stretched pretty thin and don’t get to interact with folks outside of class too much. We also don’t have a whole lot of time to continue our own education. But, I think we have found a way to make it better! We have set up an Eighth Floor Ning site. It’s kind of like MySpace or Facebook for educators. You can post pictures, leave messages, post videos, start discussion forums, just hang out and lurk, and much more.

We’d like to invite everyone to join. It requires no more time than you are willing to spend, and you end up with a relevant learning network. You will see a link asking you sign up on the upper right of the screen.

Give it a shot and let us know what you have on your mind!

Just Joinin’
Lee Anne

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