Thursday, June 24, 2010

Citizen Journlism is Growing Up!

For years I have been fascinated by the opportunities the read/write web affords the average citizen – the greatest of that being a voice. I know I say this all the time, but think about it. Really. ANYONE with access to the internet can make a difference – locally or globally. And, it looks like YouTube is making this seriously easier, and still again even more easier, perhaps even the most easiest.

(Have you noticed an image change for YouTube since they are now a Google tool?)

So, check this out. I was, of course, attracted/distracted by this shiny article at Social Times called YouTube and the Future of Citizen Journalism. What’s happening is the world of citizen journalism is being validated and slightly formalized in what looks to be a respectable way. Did you know there was a CitizenTube? I did not. I think I may have heard/read about it somewhere, but it didn’t stick. Here’s how they describe themselves on their site: “CitizenTube is a feed of the latest breaking news videos on YouTube. If you've uploaded or discovered news footage, please tweet it to us (@citizentube) with as much context as you're able to provide.”

YouTube has also launched YouTube Direct. You can submit videos, interviews, digital pictures, etc. Here’s how they explain themselves on their site: “ [YouTube is] a great opportunity for organizations to leverage this online activity for video campaigns, coverage, or programming initiatives - but many find it difficult to connect directly with YouTube's community in a simple, effective way. We've just made that a lot easier with YouTube Direct.” My first thought is school news station that runs on the website. Could that work?

Anyway, bottom line as I see it is, things are happening in the area of citizen journalism that I see as a boundless arena of opportunity for our students and us. Whatever it is you are teaching – or whatever it is your students are learning – could be making the news. Additionally, being able to report on what is happening around them can help students see their connection to their local community as well as the whole big wide world. What do YOU think?

Just thinkin’
Lee Anne


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