Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What About Blogs? - Summer 2010

What About Blogs?

Welcome to the Eighth Floor class about blogging in education - June 2010
A collaborative and constructive tool, blogs have found their place in education. As educators, we are using them as learning tools not only for our students, but also for ourselves. Our objectives for this short workshop are to become familiar with blogs as a Web 2.0 tool, explore uses for your classroom or professional development, and set up a practice blog of your own.

Blogs in Plain English
Lee LeFever of the Common Craft Show

So What’s a Blog?
Let the
6 & 7 year olds from Room 9 at Nelson Central School educate you about what they think a blog is and why they love using them!

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Blog in the Classroom

Education Professional Development Blogs
Weblogg-ed - A blog by Will Richardson
Moving at the Speed of Creativity - A blog by Wesley Fryer
Blog of Proximal Development - a blog by Konrad Glogowski
Blogs about Educational Blogging - a wiki by Support

Classroom/Student Blogs
Mrs. Arnold's Class (2nd grade)
Mrs. Fine's Fouth Grade Gate
Elementary Writing
High School Sports Blog
Arthus - NewlyAncient (high school student blog)
AP Calculus AB (An interactive log for students and parents in my AP Calculus class. This ongoing dialogue is as rich as YOU make it. Visit often and post your comments freely.)
The Good Habits Blog (blog for students and teachers)
Mrs Cassidy's Classroom Blog (elementary)
Blogical Minds (This is a blog created to explore what happens when 5th graders blog and converse about literacies in class and beyond)

Google Search for Blogs

Check out the following education/safety focused postings and articles:
MySpace Education
Change Agency
Blogs, Fair Use, and Paying to Play

Blogging Tips and Tricks:
Science Blogs in Middle and HS classrooms
Web Blog Basics
Blogs - Anatomy
Blogs for Learning
valuating Blogging
logging Best Practices
Top 10 Blog Writing Tips
Use of Blogs in an Online College Classroom

Let’s Talk About Blogs

  • How is a blog different from a website?
  • How is blogging different from other types of writing or online communication?
  • Why do you think you or your students might be attracted to this as a form of expression?
  • How might you use a blog in your classroom or for your professional development?
  • What obstacles might you face using blogs with your students?
  • The first step to being a good blogger is to be a good blog ____________?

Since this is a class about blogging, we thought you might want to do a little, well, blogging. So, what are some advantages to using blogs? What are some disadvantages? What can you do to minimize the disadvantages? ___________________________________________________________
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Take a minute to think about the above questions. (Or share something else, if you choose, like an idea you already have for using blogs) Click on the "comments" link below and then type your answer. You can comment as "anonymous or other." Be sure to include your name somewhere so we know who you are. Read others’ comments and feel free to comment on their comments!

Lee Anne

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