Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Thanks for a Great Summer Semester - You Rawk!

It has been a few months since the last blog post.  Sorry . . . .   If I just say, “It is summer on The Eighth Floor” will that explain enough? We had another record summer.  In fact, as I look at the raw numbers, I can hardly believe it. We had roughly 2000 enrollments on The Eighth Floor this summer.  There are small colleges that would like to have numbers like that!  We offered 159 classes in 2 monthsYou do the math – we’ve been busy. 

It was a fun summer, without a doubt.  We met tons of new educators and got to hang out with many long time participants.  In fact, one of our newest and one of our most perennial participants hold the records for the most classes this summer. Cheyenne Lierly de Castillo from Keifer attended 30 classes this summer.  She just found out about us and couldn’t believe everything available to her.  Needless to say, she took good advantage.  She made a valuable contribution to every class she was in.  Cheyenne has a great understanding of community and collaboration. I was always pleased to see her name on the list.  J.O. McMahon attended 29 classes this summer.  J.O. has been coming to classes for years and I am sure holds the title for MOST classes ever taken on The Eighth Floor. (I need to check on that!) J.O. is another one of my  favorites. He never fails to make me or the person next to him laugh. 

Our most popular class had to be Technology in the Common Core.  We had enormous waiting lists and just kept adding classes!  Part-time Eighth Floor faculty member, Samantha Reid from TPS taught that class for us and did a wonderful job.  Don’t worry, she’ll be doing more this fall.   

Of our 67 consortium members, Tulsa Public Schools racked up the most enrollments this summer – 364. TTC and BA came in a not so close second and third. Yay TPS!  You made a great showing – spread the word.

So, what’s on the horizon for fall?  I am sending the first draft of the schedule in tomorrow.  You should find our fall schedule on our website by August 24th and the printed schedule should hit the streets right after Labor Day weekend.

We have five new classes this fall – pretty much all by request, too! We love your ideas.
  • ·         The Flipped Classroom
  • ·         Taking Your Blog to the Next Level
  • ·         Publisher 2010: An Introduction
  • ·         Evaluating Web Resources
  • ·         Excel 2010: Formulas and Data

And if you missed a class you really wanted to take this summer, you are sure to find it on the fall schedule.

Thanks, everyone, for a fantastic summer! 
Just sayin’
Lee Anne


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Unknown said...

Thanks everyone at the Eighth Floor for putting together all these great classes! I really enjoyed them and look forward to taking more! I enjoyed getting to know you guys better this summer too. :) Have a great Fall!
Cheyenne Lierly de Castillo