Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Enrollment is Open for Spring Classes on The Eighth Floor

Yep.  It's true.  
You can enroll for spring classes.  All the information you need is on our website. .  

You will find a list of our classes with times and dates here  and a PDF of our soon to be printed schedule here

Here are some new things for spring: 
  • SOL Training!  Synchronous Online Learning . . . Training. (Don Cornelius would be proud!)  These are short classes on hot topics held online - lasting about 30 minutes or so. If nothing else, the entertainment value of watching us fumble through the first few of these sessions will be worth the time. Just sayin'. 
  • More classes after school/evenings and weekends
  • We have moved 3 of our regular F2F classes online: Social Networking Tools for Educators, Time Management Tools, and Differentiated Learning. 
  • New class - next level of Tech integration with the Common Core Standards - classroom application
  • This is not new, but so many people don't know that you can take as many classes as you like at no charge to you personally. 

FYI - We will be closed for the holiday Dec 21 - Jan 7th.  If you enroll in a class, you will get a confirmation after Jan 7th. 

If you know what you want to take, we recommend you enroll early to ensure a spot. Did you know that The Eighth Floor has approximately 70 consortium members? Teachers alone, we have over 13,000 members - not even including support staff, part-time instructors, and administrators.  Crazy stupid numbers.  

Is anyone else just a little concerned that Scott, Linda, and I are influencing that many people, that are influencing that many more people? Just gonna leave you with that thought.

Best wishes from The Eighth Floor and a peaceful holiday season. 
Lee Anne   

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