Monday, December 10, 2012

What Would You Tell High School Students About College?

I have been hanging out with Ms. Beeson and a class of 10th graders at Webster High School as a career coach. My purpose is to just be there and to “advise” about both career and college.  It’s part of the CareerAccess College Readiness program.  They are pretty cool, so far. Will it surprise anyone if I say that with this group I have no credibility when it comes to the topic of college?  I just want to say, are you kidding me?  But it is what it is. 

I was shaking my head over this ridiculousness as I was preparing the final for my Writing 1 students, and that’s when it occurred to me that the answer is right in front of me – literally.  They may not believe me, but they will believe a first year college student, right?  

So I told my class about the folks at Webster, and they were all too happy to give them their very best advice.  I have to say, they done me proud!  Here is some of what these TCC college students had to tell those Webster high school students. 

Did you assume you would go right to college after graduation or did you have another plan?
  • Yes, and I did. 
  • Yes, but I didn’t do it until almost ten years later and now I regret not getting started sooner.
  • No, but I knew if I wanted to have a future, I needed to get myself in college. 
  • I went to pursue my basics
  • Yes, I went straight into college
  • No, but now I have a plan, after wasting six years telling myself I couldn’t do it.
  • I went right to college for a year but realized I didn’t want to be a doctor and dropped out. So my plan has changed.
  • Yes, I knew I would go to college, and I was preparing for it all through high school .
  • I always knew I would go to college. Never had another option.
  • I was already packing my bags.
As a college student, what would you tell a HS student to help him or her make better decisions about college?
  • Go to college after you graduate while it is still fresh on the brain.  Do not put it off. You need the education to get a better job.
  • Look at tuition first.
  • Get started as soon as you get out and get on with it. It’s really not hard if you apply yourself.
  • Do not slack off !!  Your college teachers won’t be there to help you make the better grade. It’s all you. 
  • Always study
  • Study Study Study!!!  Don’t be lazy.  Do all your work. Go to all your classes.
  • Figure out a major before you start college. It’s easier than you think.
  • Make sure you do your research on the degree field you want. You may start and realize that you hate it and have to start over.
  • Prepare while you are high school and take college seriously. Push yourself. Don’t let anyone stop you. It will be harder if you wait. Get your degree now while you can. The world is waiting on you! (Is it wrong to love it when I hear my words come out of their mouths . . . or pens?)
  • Don’t waste such a good opportunity that you have for free. Actually make goals for yourself and achieve them with your heart and mind open.
  • College is fun, but you need to go to class all the time.

What is your best tip or trick for getting by that you have learned as a college student so far?
  • Take notes, ask questions. But most of all you have to be present. Not being there can mess you up so bad.
  • Study and apply yourself. Don’t wait until the last minute.  It’s not helping you at all.  To be good at something, you have to go above and beyond and push yourself even when you don’t want to. The outcome will be awesome.
  • Study and prepare in all your free seconds.
  • Consider your weekends over and devote them to study and homework.
  • Get your work done before the due date.
  • Look over stuff before class.
  • It took some time for me to figure out how to balance work and study time for college.

Anything else you want to share?
  • Follow your dreams and don’t let anything get in your way.
  • You will land better jobs and make more money with a college degree
  • I found that when I really understood what I had learned in class, the effort of studying paid off.
  • Try college as a chance to become something better.
  • At least try it.  TCC is cheap and easy to enroll in. Don’t get a degree just to have one. Get one that can actually help you get a job.
  • Remember that school is your money and your time and it’s a waste of money and time to not pay attention and turn in assignments.
  • Without an education you are seriously lost in this world.
  • Good Luck!

I call this sage advice. 

Just Sayin'
Lee Anne

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